A blog post about a lack of blog posts

I write

I delete

I rewrite

Then, I close the tab.

I’ve been trying to get this blog up and running for some time now, but the words to my thoughts never form. From being apart of the African Diaspora to recent twitter trends to something in my life that enlightened me about the bigger picture. I’ve never been quite able to put my “light bulb moments” to paper or to blog. Interestingly enough, writing a blog post about how I cant write a blog post is breezy (why can’t life always be this easy, why cant blog writing always be this easy).

I’ve been told that my writing was gold and by that I mean a close friend in high school told me a proposal for an event I wrote to the principle for an extracurricular we joined was “really good” and I flew with it. Ever since, I’ve been determined to become a so called writer. And, I’ve been trying to make my debut as a internet blogger ever since.

Basically a time to be cathartic and express myself better than when I am caught of guard by life (which is all the time). Maybe one day I’ll look back like all the big time writers do at their firsts bits of writing and realize how far I came.

Until then,  I’ll be writing the best I can, which is uhhh…


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